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SAT Math Level II, SAT Physics and SAT Chemistry may be used as evidence of required skills/abilities for those who wish to pursue certain Engineering-related and Science-related programs in Thailand such as ISE, TEP-TEPE and BSAC, as well as for some academic programs in the United States of America. Subject Tests are not limited to Math Level II, Physics and Chemistry but also include a number of other subjects such as Biology, U.S. History, Literature and Spanish.

ในปี 2017-1018 การสอบ SAT Subject Tests จะจัดขึ้นเฉพาะในเดือน ตุลาคม / พฤศจิกายน / ธันวาคม / พฤษภาคม / มิถุนายน  เช็ควันสอบสำหรับ SAT Subject Tests

  • Master Class (Approximately not more than 15 students)
    • SAT Math Level II
    • SAT Physics
    • SAT Chemistry
  • SAT Chemistry 
  • Small Class (2-6 students) – Students may form their own private groups and select their own schedule*.
  • Private Class (1 student) – Students may select his/her own schedule*.


*Available schedule is subject to prevailing availability.

Please kindly contact us for further details.