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Because we understand that solid foundation is critical to learners, we emphasize the cultivation of strong fundamentals from an early age. At Infinity, English language skills are honed and applied to a variety of subject areas from Mathematics and Sciences to Humanities and the Arts. This training is not only limited to those students already in the EP system, but is also suitable for those who wish to transition from the Thai to the EP system or those who intend to gain admission to the International Program.

>> Class Schedule

  • Master Class (Approximately not more than 15 students)
    • Download schedule {ทำลิงค์ไปที่ PDF file}
  • Small Class (2-6 students) – Students may form their own private groups and select their own schedule*.
  • Private Class (1 student) – Students may select his/her own schedule*.


*Available schedule is subject to prevailing availability. Please kindly contact us for further details.